Commonly Kept Venomous Snakes

The following is a list of genera of the most commonly collected venomous snakes in the hobby. Knowing at least one species from each genus will help you identify the different species that you encounter in the hobby. I encourage you to focus on learning genera and not species because you will cover a lot more ground than learning all the species of one genus.

  • Agkistrodon
  • Aspidelaps
  • Atheris
  • Bitis
  • Boiga
  • Bothriechis
  • Bothrops
  • Cerastes
  • Crotalus
  • Dendroaspis
  • Echis
  • Ophiophagus
  • Ovophis
  • Oxyuranus
  • Protobothrops
  • Sistrurus
  • Trimeresurus
  • Vipera

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