Dolomedes albineus (The White-Banded Fishing Spider) Care Sheet


These are large spiders found in the United States. They are not dangerous, but they are fast. Great spiders to raise and enjoy. I had a great D. albineus who was very special to me. She was the spider I let all my friends hold and enjoy. We had great memories with this spider. She has now passed, but certainly made a great impact on my friends lives by showing that these amazing creatures are not evil monsters out to get you.


Fishing spiders are not dangerous. There are no fishing spiders with medically significant venom as far as I know, could there be an exception? Yes. When in doubt, do your research.


They can be handled, but for the well-being of the animal, they should only be handled when required or when cleaning the enclosure. Also, note that they are fast and easy to lose. This species is not aggressive and ordinarily wants to get away, which is expected in spiders.

Geographical Range and Habitat

Fishing spiders are fascinating spiders. Species of Dolomedes are semi-aquatic or spend their lives near water, but this species is an exception to the rule; this is a tree-dwelling species. Regarding the range: “Dolomedes albineus has also been sighted in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas.” – ref


Enclosure: I am using a plastic container from the Container Store, but I prefer something bigger.

Substrate: I am using wood chips, and they work well, but I desire to change to a natural environment.

Do they Need Water? dolomedes albineus is an exception to other fishing spiders and do not need a body of water.

Decor: Provide appropriate decor for them to feel secure and hide, preferably large flat surfaces, not just sticks.

Diet: For this species, my spider would not eat baby Madagascar Hissing Coachroaches, even to the point of extreme malnutrition. I was waiting to see if it would eat them, but the spider denied it until she was extremely thin, maybe even close to death. Once I put a cricket in, it attacked it immediately. So they don’t prefer baby Madagascar Hissing Coachroaches it seems, but this was with only one specimen.

How to Acquire a Species of Dolomedes

I have only seen them once on The Spider Shop, a UK based seller. I had to catch mine off a brother’s property.

Price: If you do find one for sale, it probably will only be around $20, depending of course on the species and if it is exotic for you.




Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Family: Pisauridae
Genus: Dolomedes
Species: See List

The following is the accepted species list of the genus dolomedes from the World Spider Catalog:

  1. Dolomedes actaeon
  2. Dolomedes albicomus
  3. Dolomedes albicoxus
  4. Dolomedes albineus
  5. Dolomedes alexandri
  6. Dolomedes angolensis
  7. Dolomedes angustivirgatus
  8. Dolomedes angustus
  9. Dolomedes annulatus
  10. Dolomedes aquaticus
  11. Dolomedes batesi
  12. Dolomedes bistylus
  13. Dolomedes boiei
  14. Dolomedes briangreenei
  15. Dolomedes bukhkaloi
  16. Dolomedes chevronus
  17. Dolomedes chinesus
  18. Dolomedes chroesus
  19. Dolomedes costatus
  20. Dolomedes crosbyi
  21. Dolomedes dondalei
  22. Dolomedes elegans
  23. Dolomedes facetus
  24. Dolomedes fageli
  25. Dolomedes femoralis
  26. Dolomedes fernandensis
  27. Dolomedes fimbriatus
  28. Dolomedes flaminius
  29. Dolomedes fontus
  30. Dolomedes furcatus
  31. Dolomedes fuscipes
  32. Dolomedes fuscus
  33. Dolomedes gertschi
  34. Dolomedes gracilipes
  35. Dolomedes guamuhaya
  36. Dolomedes holti
  37. Dolomedes horishanus
  38. Dolomedes hyppomene
  39. Dolomedes instabilis
  40. Dolomedes intermedius
  41. Dolomedes japonicus
  42. Dolomedes kalanoro
  43. Dolomedes karijini
  44. Dolomedes karschi
  45. Dolomedes lafoensis
  46. Dolomedes laticeps
  47. Dolomedes lesserti
  48. Dolomedes lizturnerae
  49. Dolomedes lomensis
  50. Dolomedes machadoi
  51. Dolomedes macrops
  52. Dolomedes mankorlod
  53. Dolomedes mendigoetmopasi
  54. Dolomedes minahassae
  55. Dolomedes minahassae vulcanicus
  56. Dolomedes minor
  57. Dolomedes mizhoanus
  58. Dolomedes naja
  59. Dolomedes neocaledonicus
  60. Dolomedes nigrimaculatus
  61. Dolomedes noukhaiva
  62. Dolomedes ohsuditia
  63. Dolomedes okefinokensis
  64. Dolomedes orion
  65. Dolomedes palmatus
  66. Dolomedes palpiger
  67. Dolomedes paroculus
  68. Dolomedes pedder
  69. Dolomedes pegasus
  70. Dolomedes petalinus
  71. Dolomedes plantarius
  72. Dolomedes pullatus
  73. Dolomedes raptor
  74. Dolomedes raptoroides
  75. Dolomedes saganus
  76. Dolomedes schauinslandi
  77. Dolomedes scriptus
  78. Dolomedes senilis
  79. Dolomedes signatus
  80. Dolomedes silvicola
  81. Dolomedes smithi
  82. Dolomedes spathularis
  83. Dolomedes straeleni
  84. Dolomedes striatus
  85. Dolomedes submarginalivittatus
  86. Dolomedes sulfureus
  87. Dolomedes sumatranus
  88. Dolomedes tadzhikistanicus
  89. Dolomedes tenebrosus
  90. Dolomedes titan
  91. Dolomedes toldo
  92. Dolomedes transfuga
  93. Dolomedes triton
  94. Dolomedes upembensis
  95. Dolomedes vatovae
  96. Dolomedes venmani
  97. Dolomedes vicque
  98. Dolomedes vittatus
  99. Dolomedes wetarius
  100. Dolomedes wollastoni
  101. Dolomedes wollemi
  102. Dolomedes yawatai
  103. Dolomedes zatsun
  104. Dolomedes zhangjiajiensis

(This list is subject to change)

What is your experience with dolomedes albineus? Have you seen one? Do you own one? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!

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a picture of a species of the many Fishing Spiders species. This is a dolomedes albineus

dolomedes albineus

Fishing Spiders species picture. This is a dolomedes albineus

dolomedes albineus

Fishing Spiders species picture. This is a dolomedes albineus

dolomedes albineus

Fishing Spiders species picture. This is a dolomedes albineus

dolomedes albineus

The following pictures are of a different species within the same genus:

a picture of dolomedes tenebrosus

dolomedes tenebrosus

a picture of dolomedes tenebrosus

dolomedes tenebrosus

a picture of dolomedes tenebrosus

dolomedes tenebrosus


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