The Houston Zoo

I enjoy going to the Houston Zoo. It is a great place to visit and walk as it covers a large area and has a great variety of animals. There is plenty to do there; I recommend you take your time and absorb it all in. Also, I would recommend and expect to spend most of the day there to enjoy it all.

The Zoo is divided into sections of different animals from similar geographic locations. They have all your Zoo classics; gorillas, elephants, bears, big cats, giraffes, rhinos, etc. However, they have some great bird exhibits, a Texas Wetlands zone, a Children’s Zoo, a Bug House, Fish, and Reptiles.

Because this is Venom Files, We specifically look at venomous animals. They have an excellent reptile room for a zoo, and an okay Bug House (to be honest, I would prefer to see more “Bugs,” but that is okay.) For a zoo near the middle of the city, they are limited on space and need to be efficient and lean, and that is understandable. They also have an aquarium which I did enjoy. Overall, it is a great experience.

The following is some pictures from the Houston Zoo:



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