The San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo has a good reptile section and was defianitly worth it. I was impressed with many things, but one draw back is it is covered with vultures. They are everywhere! However, still worth going, plus they got hippos! Bring water, its hot with lots of walking, be prepared. Overall, good zoo. The […]

The San Antonio Aquarium

The San Antonio Aquarium is an interesting place. One of my favorite things was the animal interactions. People can pay extra to interact with different species of animals, like lemurs, large birds, and even a sloth! However, sadly most animal facilities nowadays need other forms of entertainment to sustain them. This is no fault of […]

The Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is a great place to visit and walk as it covers a large area and has a great variety of animals. The Zoo is divided into sections of different animals from similar geographic locations. They have all your Zoo classics; gorillas, elephants, bears, big cats, giraffes, rhinos, etc. However, they have some […]