Argiope aurantia

Scientific Name: Argiope aurantia Common Name: Black and Yellow Garden Spider Family:  Araneidae Subspecies: Max Size: “Adult female body length ranges from 19 to 28 mm (3/4 to 1 1/8 in.), while males reach only 5 to 9 mm (1/4 – 3/8 in.).”(2) Antivenom: Not Applicable Geographical Range: From Canada to Costa Rica. (2, 3) […]

Trichonephila clavipes

Scientific Name: Trichonephila clavipes, previously Nephila clavipes Common Name: Golden Silk Orbweaver Family: Araneidae Subspecies: T. clavipes fasciculata , T. clavipes vespucea Max Size: Antivenom: Not Applicable Conservation Status: Stable Keeper Experience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced): Beginner Introduction These are some the large true spiders. They are beautiful and not dangerous. They are called Golden Silk […]

Biology of Spiders Book Review

The Biology of Spiders according to the publisher “has established itself as the supreme authority on these fascinating creatures.” – OUP. This book is very insightful and probably will cover everything about spiders themselves. It may be the only book you will ever need on the scientific study of spiders; there is no other book […]

What is a Spider?

Growing up, I assumed that eight legs were a part of classifying spiders, but that is not the case. Many other little creatures have eight legs, e.g., ticks. So what then makes a spider a spider? For the right and correct answer, it is the following: “The most important synapomorphies of the Araneae (which would […]

Can We Hold Spiders and Tarantulas?

The vast majority of spiders and tarantulas are not dangerous, and many can be held. However, remember, the pleasure of this activity is only for you; most spiders probably do not enjoy this activity. Although, at times, some appear to be curious about the change in their environment. Most of them probably don’t care. It […]

Leucauge venusta (The Orchard Orbweaver) Care Sheet

Introduction Orchard Orbweavers (Leucauge venusta) are beautiful spiders that are fun to have if you have the space. They are small orbweaves found in the United States. Geographical Range and Habitat I have seen them all the way from swampy areas to the bushes of a University. Husbandry While not hard to keep, they do […]

Dolomedes albineus

Introduction These are large spiders found in the United States. They are not dangerous, but they are fast. Great spiders to raise and enjoy. Venom Fishing spiders are not dangerous. There are no fishing spiders with medically significant venom as far as I know, could there be an exception? Yes. When in doubt, do your […]