Biology of Spiders Book Review

The Biology of Spiders according to the publisher “has established itself as the supreme authority on these fascinating creatures.” – OUP. This book is very insightful and probably will cover everything about spiders themselves. It may be the only book you will ever need on the scientific study of spiders; there is no other book […]

What is a Spider?

Growing up, I assumed that eight legs were a part of classifying spiders, but that is not the case. Many other little creatures have eight legs, e.g., ticks. So what then makes a spider a spider? For the right and correct answer, it is the following: “The most important synapomorphies of the Araneae (which would […]

Can We Hold Spiders and Tarantulas?

The vast majority of spiders and tarantulas are not dangerous, and many can be held. However, remember, the pleasure of this activity is only for you; most spiders probably do not enjoy this activity. Although, at times, some appear to be curious about the change in their environment. Most of them probably don’t care. It […]

Species of Latrodectus – The Widow Spiders

Introduction The Black Widow Spider is one of the most famous spiders in the world. They are feared by many for their deathly appearance and their dangerous reputation. However, I hope that you will have a different but healthy view of black widow spiders and their related species by the end of this article as […]