A hemotoxin is a toxin that affects red blood cells. It may cause lysis in blood cells or change their coagulation properties leading to interference with blood circulation. 

Effects of Hemotoxin on Human body

Hemotoxins prevent the normal coagulation process of blood. It can cause red blood cells to not clot, causing severe internal bleeding and damaging bodily organs. On the other hand, some hemotoxins have the opposite effect; extreme blood clotting. This hinders proper blood circulation in the body and can result in heart failure. Hemotoxins are common in the family of snakes called Viperidae.

Some Hemotoxic Venom Producing Species

Pit Vipers are known for their hemotoxic venom. However, many animals have a mix of different kinds of toxins. A few examples of hemotoxin producing snakes include Echis carinatus,  Dispholidus typus, and Bothrops atrox. 

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