Argiope aurantia

  • Scientific Name: Argiope aurantia
  • Common Name: Black and Yellow Garden Spider
  • Family:  Araneidae
  • Subspecies:
  • Max Size: “Adult female body length ranges from 19 to 28 mm (3/4 to 1 1/8 in.), while males reach only 5 to 9 mm (1/4 – 3/8 in.).”(2)
  • Antivenom: Not Applicable
  • Geographical Range: From Canada to Costa Rica. (2, 3)
  • Conservation Status: Stable
  • Keeper Experience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced): Beginner


These are some the large true spiders. They are beautiful and not dangerous. They great for gardens and backyards for appearance sake and to lower mosquito and fly populations.


Look for large webs, sitting in the middle of them. Typical Orbweaver behavior. Females much larger than males.

Sexual Dimorphism

Males are much smaller than the females.

When To Look for Them

In the Southern United States, look during the summer months, especially around June and July.


Desire to flee, not defensive.

I can not say for certain this is preferred environment, but the population I was studying was typically found near the river, while Trichonephila clavipes was more commonly found in the wooded areas among the trees, however, their were exceptions for both species.


They would be difficult to keep indoors because they require such a large space. Consider keeping them in your backyard only if they are native to where you live.

  • Communal: Individual webs very close to the same species.
  • Diet & Feeding: Insects, from cicadas and crickets to really any insect that flies into their webs.
  • Enclosure: Very large, 1 meters or 3 ft in diameter for web alone
  • Temperature: Hot, tropical; rain forest or swamp
  • Humidity: High
  • Water: I always recommend keeping fresh water for all animals unless it is known to be a problem.
  • Substrate: Coconut husk or animal safe wood chips should be fine, they do not really have any reason to be on the ground, so this not too important.
  • Decor: Sticks, large branches, trees





How To Acquire

Find them or purchase online. They are very common, you maybe able to find them near where you live if you live in the Americas.

Price: $60 maybe


The Following is the List of Accepted Species of the Genus Argiope:

  1. Argiope abramovi
  2. Argiope aemula
  3. Argiope aemula nigripes
  4. Argiope aetherea
  5. Argiope aetheroides
  6. Argiope ahngeri
  7. Argiope amoena
  8. Argiope anasuja
  9. Argiope anasuja fletcheri
  10. Argiope anomalopalpis
  11. Argiope appensa
  12. Argiope arcuata
  13. Argiope argentata
  14. Argiope argentata nigra
  15. Argiope aurantia
  16. Argiope aurocincta
  17. Argiope australis
  18. Argiope bivittigera
  19. Argiope blanda
  20. Argiope boesenbergi
  21. Argiope boetonica
  22. Argiope bougainvilla
  23. Argiope browni
  24. Argiope bruennichi
  25. Argiope bruennichi afr
  26. Argiope bruennichi nigrofasciata
  27. Argiope bruennichi orientalis
  28. Argiope brunnescentia
  29. Argiope buehleri
  30. Argiope bullocki
  31. Argiope butchko
  32. Argiope caesarea
  33. Argiope caledonia
  34. Argiope cameloides
  35. Argiope carinata
  36. Argiope carvalhoi
  37. Argiope catenulata
  38. Argiope celebesiana
  39. Argiope chloreides
  40. Argiope chloreis
  41. Argiope clathrata
  42. Argiope comorica
  43. Argiope concinna
  44. Argiope coquereli
  45. Argiope dang
  46. Argiope davidi
  47. Argiope dietrichae
  48. Argiope doboensis
  49. Argiope doleschalli
  50. Argiope dubiosa
  51. Argiope elegans
  52. Argiope ericae
  53. Argiope flavipalpis
  54. Argiope florida
  55. Argiope halmaherensis
  56. Argiope haynesi
  57. Argiope hinderlichi
  58. Argiope hirta
  59. Argiope hoiseni
  60. Argiope indistincta
  61. Argiope intricata
  62. Argiope jinghongensis
  63. Argiope kaingang
  64. Argiope kalimpongensis
  65. Argiope katherina
  66. Argiope keyserlingi
  67. Argiope kochi
  68. Argiope legionis
  69. Argiope leopardina
  70. Argiope leopardina clavifemur
  71. Argiope levii
  72. Argiope lihirica
  73. Argiope lobata
  74. Argiope luzona
  75. Argiope macrochoera
  76. Argiope madang
  77. Argiope magnifica
  78. Argiope manila
  79. Argiope mascordi
  80. Argiope minuta
  81. Argiope modesta
  82. Argiope niasensis
  83. Argiope ocula
  84. Argiope ocyaloides
  85. Argiope pentagona
  86. Argiope perforata
  87. Argiope picta
  88. Argiope pictula
  89. Argiope ponape
  90. Argiope possoica
  91. Argiope probata
  92. Argiope protensa
  93. Argiope pulchella
  94. Argiope pulchelloides
  95. Argiope pumila
  96. Argiope radon
  97. Argiope ranomafanensis
  98. Argiope reinwardti
  99. Argiope reinwardti sumatrana
  100. Argiope sapoa
  101. Argiope sector
  102. Argiope squallica
  103. Argiope submaronica
  104. Argiope takum
  105. Argiope tapinolobata
  106. Argiope taprobanica
  107. Argiope trifasciata
  108. Argiope trifasciata
  109. Argiope trifasciata kauaiensis
  110. Argiope truk
  111. Argiope versicolor
  112. Argiope vietnamensis

***This list is subject to change***

Work Cited & Further Reading