This is a list of spiders with priority to species with medically significant venom. If you have information to correct or add, please contact us or consider becoming a contributor! Thank you!


Last Updated:02/24/2022



1Atrax robustus Pending

Atrax sutherlandi


Atrax yorkmainorum

4Latrodectus antheratus Pending
5Latrodectus apicalis Pending
6Latrodectus bishopi Pending
7Latrodectus cinctus Pending
8Latrodectus corallinus Pending
9Latrodectus curacaviensis Pending
10Latrodectus dahli Pending
11Latrodectus diaguita Pending
12Latrodectus elegans Pending
13Latrodectus erythromelas Pending
14Latrodectus geometricus Pending
15Latrodectus hasseltiPending
16Latrodectus hesperusPending
17Latrodectus hystrix Pending
18Latrodectus indistinctus Pending
19Latrodectus karrooensis Pending
20Latrodectus katipo Pending
21Latrodectus lilianae Pending
22Latrodectus mactans Pending
23Latrodectus menavodi Pending
24Latrodectus mirabilis Pending
25Latrodectus obscurior Pending
26Latrodectus pallidus Pending
27Latrodectus quartus Pending
28Latrodectus renivulvatus Pending
29Latrodectus revivensis Pending
30Latrodectus rhodesiensis Pending
31Latrodectus thoracicus Pending
32Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Pending
33Latrodectus umbukwane Pending
34Latrodectus variegatus Pending
35Latrodectus variolus Pending
36Loxosceles accepta Pending
37Loxosceles adelaida Pending
38Loxosceles alamosa Pending
39Loxosceles alicea Pending
40Loxosceles amazonica Pending
41Loxosceles anomala Pending
42Loxosceles apachea Pending
43Loxosceles aphrasta Pending
44Loxosceles aranea Pending
45Loxosceles arizonica Pending
46Loxosceles aurea Pending
47Loxosceles baja Pending
48Loxosceles barbara Pending
49Loxosceles belli Pending
50Loxosceles bentejui Pending
51Loxosceles bergeri Pending
52Loxosceles bettyae Pending
53Loxosceles blancasi Pending
54Loxosceles blanda Pending
55Loxosceles boneti Pending
56Loxosceles candela Pending
57Loxosceles carabobensis Pending
58Loxosceles cardosoi Pending
59Loxosceles caribbaea Pending
60Loxosceles carinhanha Pending
61Loxosceles carmena Pending
62Loxosceles cederbergensis Pending
63Loxosceles chapadensis Pending
64Loxosceles chinateca Pending
65Loxosceles colima Pending
66Loxosceles conococha Pending
67Loxosceles coquimbo Pending
68Loxosceles corozalensis Pending
69Loxosceles coyote Pending
70Loxosceles cubana Pending
71Loxosceles cubiroensis Pending
72Loxosceles curimaguensis Pending
73Loxosceles dejagerae Pending
74Loxosceles deserta Pending
75Loxosceles devia Pending
76Loxosceles diaguitaPending
77Loxosceles ericsoni Pending
78Loxosceles fontainei Pending
79Phoneutria bahiensis Pending
80Phoneutria boliviensis Pending
81Phoneutria eickstedtae Pending
82Phoneutria feraPending
83Phoneutria keyserlingi Pending
84Phoneutria nigriventer Pending
85Phoneutria pertyi Pending
86Phoneutria reidyiPending