Do Jumping Spiders Bite?

Jumping spiders, part of the family Salticidae, can indeed bite, but they generally only do so when they feel threatened. These spiders are not aggressive towards humans and are more likely to flee than attack.

If a jumping spider does bite, it’s usually because it’s been provoked or handled roughly, and the bite is a defensive mechanism. The bite of most jumping spiders is not considered dangerous to humans. The venom is typically not potent enough to cause more than mild, localized pain, redness, and swelling, similar to a bee sting. Symptoms usually subside within a short period, although individuals with allergies may have more severe reactions.

Jumping spiders are actually known more for their unique behavior and appearance than their bite. They are named for their ability to jump great distances relative to their small size, which they use to hunt prey. Many species have strikingly colored or patterned bodies, and their large, forward-facing eyes give them better vision than most spiders.

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