Shows & Events

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Research & Learning

  1. Eurovenom Herpetology Conference: It is what it says; it is a Venomous Herpetology Conference.
  2. Houston Venom Conference “Educating physicians, nurses, EMS professionals, and nature enthusiasts about the management of snakebites and other envenomations.”
  3. International Snakebite Awareness Day -September 19 – “September 19 is International Snakebite Awareness Day – a global day of advocacy, information and learning about the neglected disease of snakebite envenoming. From 81,000-138,000 people of die of snakebite every year. Now is the time for change!”
  4. NARBC: North American Reptile Breeders Conference: “The shows are one of the best places for the general public and breeders alike to come out and meet many of the World’s top Reptile Breeders face to face. Every year the breeders bring out their top projects and showcase them at the NARBC Shows.” – NARBC
  5. Biologyofthepitvipers – I believe this is an event
  6. Midwest Venom Fest

Shows to Buy

  1. HERPS: Exotic Reptile & Pet Shows. A place to buy all sorts of animals, including venomous. See their calendar for show dates and location.
  2. Repticon: a conference where you can buy all sorts of animals; but mainly invertebrates and reptiles. See their calendar for event dates near you.
  3. Texas Reptile Expo: Welcome to the hottest reptile expos in Texas!
  4. HERPS Reptile Show: Expo where you can buy all sorts of animals, some will sell venomous snakes. Yay
  5. Hamburg Reptile Show: Hamburg is one of the longest tenured and most visited Reptile Expos on the planet.
  6. All Maryland Reptile Show: Sale of Reptiles, Note: No Venomous
  7. Reptilian Nation Expo – Sale of Reptiles, not sure if venomous are sold.
  8. Reptile Stream – A Virtual Reptile Show

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