Do Tarantulas Bite?

Yes, tarantulas can and do bite, but typically only when they feel threatened or provoked. In most cases, tarantulas are more likely to run away or use other defensive tactics when they feel threatened.

Tarantulas from the Americas have “urticating” (itch-causing) hairs on their abdomen that they can release into the air or rub onto an aggressor when disturbed. This can cause irritation and discomfort to the skin or eyes of a potential predator.

When it comes to their bite, most tarantula species’ venom is not dangerous to humans, though the bite can be painful, similar to a bee or wasp sting. Some individuals might also have allergic reactions to the venom. However, some species, particularly those from the Old World (Africa, Asia, etc.) do have stronger venom which can cause more severe symptoms.

Even with their ability to bite, tarantulas are generally docile creatures and prefer to avoid confrontation. It’s essential, as with all wildlife, to treat them with respect and give them their space.

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