How Do Scorpions Get In The House?

Scorpions can enter houses in various ways:

  1. Gaps and cracks: Scorpions can slip through small cracks and openings around doors, windows, pipes, and utility lines. They can squeeze through spaces as thin as a credit card.
  2. Vents and pipes: Scorpions can climb up drain pipes or vents and enter homes this way.
  3. Brought inside inadvertently: Sometimes, scorpions can hitch a ride indoors on things like firewood, outdoor furniture, boxes, or potted plants.
  4. Seeking shelter: Scorpions enter homes seeking shelter from extreme temperatures, or in search of water and food (which includes insects and spiders).
  5. Landscaping and clutter: Homes with dense vegetation, piles of wood, or clutter around the yard can attract scorpions. They can use these as a hiding place before finding a way inside.

Preventing scorpions from entering your home can be achieved by sealing all possible entry points, keeping the house and yard clean, and controlling other pests that might serve as a food source for scorpions.

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