Venomous Snakes in Captivity Book Review

If you have read Venomous Snakes: Snakes in the Terrarium by Ludwig Trutnau, I thought this book was going to be very similar to that. It turned out to be more of a manual of taking care of venomous snakes in general rather than specific species, however, the book specifically states it is not a manual. Here is the table of contents:

  1. Disclaimer pg 1
  2. Introduction pg 3
  3. Considerations for Venomous Herpetoculture pg 5
  4. Housing pg 11
  5. Tools and Equipment pg 35
  6. Handling, Maneuvering, & Restraining pg 51
  7. Transportation pg 69
  8. Common Mistakes pg 77
  9. Tips and Tricks pg 91
  10. Venom, Envenomation, & Antivenin pg 103
  11. Emergency Agencies pg 119
  12. U.S. Federal and State Agencies pg 127
  13. Recommended Resources and Reading pg 133
  14. Bibliography pg 135


The book teaches more technique and general principles of keeping venomous snakes. I have been very pleased and impressed with the content. Its simple, clear, practical and very thorough. I think it is great to get a wide overview of venomous snake husbandry. The book is 135 pages, compact with lots of information. Some people complain that its too expensive for only 135 pages, and I think that is somewhat true, however, it still a very rich book.

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