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Venoms & Antivenoms

  • M Toxins Venom Lab – “The mission of MToxins has always been to provide the highest quality, ethically collected venoms available worldwide at a fair price to assist in the creation of life saving antivenoms.”
  • Antivenom Support Group (ASG) – This sounds like a great resource; I am not a member because they strictly don’t want people to share the information outside of the group, and since that is my job, I don’t want to be tempted. Join the group to learn about how to acquire antivenom. Maybe one day, ill figure it out myself and then can write about it. ūüôā
  •¬†“Located in Deland Florida about 20 miles west of Daytona Beach, Medtoxin opened in 1994 as a commercial facility dedicated to the large scale production of snake venom for research and pharmaceutical applications.”
  • Kentucky Reptile Zoo – “Our mission has three parts: 1. We provide venom for medical research and antivenom production” “2. We have¬†exhibits¬†and¬†outreach¬†designed to teach the public about reptiles. 3. We work with educators, researchers and¬†law enforcement¬†to support the conservation and study of reptiles.”

Types of Antivenom

  1. Agkistrodon (Salmusa) Antivenom        
  2. Agkistrodon Acutus antivenin        
  3. Agkistrodon halys antivenin        
  4. Antibotropico bivalente        
  5. Antibotropico Butantan        
  6. Antibotropico CPPI        
  7. Antibotropico FUNED        
  8. Antibotropico IVB        
  9. Antibotropico Polivalente        
  10. Antibotropico-crotalico Butantan        
  11. Antibotropico-crotalico FUNED        
  12. Antibotropico-crotalico IVB        
  13. Antibotropico-laquetico Butantan        
  14. Antibotropico-laquetico FUNED        
  15. Antibotropico-laquetico IVB        
  16. Anticoral monovalent        
  17. Anticrotalico Butantan        
  18. Anticrotalico FUNED        
  19. Anticrotalico IVB        
  20. Anticrotalico Monovalente        
  21. Antielapidico Butantan        
  22. Antielapidico FUNED        
  23. Antilachesico Monovalente        
  24. Antiofidico Bivalente Antibothropico        
  25. Antiofidico Bothropico Polivalente        
  26. Antiofidico Polivalente        
  27. Antiofidico Polivalente        
  28. Antiofidico Polivalente BIOL        
  29. Antiofidico Polivalente Botropico Crotalico        
  30. Antiofidico Polivalente Botropico Laquetico        
  31. Antiveneno Bothropico Bivalente        
  32. Antiveneno Bothropico Crotalico        
  33. Antiveneno Bothropico Tetravalente        
  34. Antiveneno Crotalico        
  35. Antiveneno Micrurus        
  36. Antivenin (Micrurus fulvius)        
  37. Antivenom B. multicinctus  N.n.naja        
  38. Antivenom Tr. mucrosquamatus  stejnegeri        
  39. Anti-viper (anti-adder) venom        
  40. Anti-viperin        
  41. Antivipmyn        
  42. Antivipmyn TRI        
  43. Anti-Yamakagashi Antivenom        
  44. Banded krait antivenin (QSMI)        
  45. Bivalent Naja  Walterinnesia Snake AV        
  46. BothroFAV        
  47. Bungarus Antivenom        
  48. Bungarus multicinctus antivenin        
  49. Cobra antivenin        
  50. Cobra Antivenin (QSMI)        
  51. Coralmyn        
  52. CSL Black Snake antivenom        
  53. CSL Brown Snake antivenom        
  54. CSL Death Adder antivenom        
  55. CSL Polyvalent antivenom        
  56. CSL Taipan antivenom        
  57. CSL Tiger Snake antivenom        
  58. Faboterapico Polivalente Antiviperino        
  59. FAV-Afrique        
  60. Favirept        
  61. Gamma-Vip        
  62. Green Pit Viper Antivenin (QSMI)        
  63. Habu antivenom        
  64. Haemato-polyvalent snake antivenom (QSMI)        
  65. King cobra antivenin (QSMI)        
  66. Malayan krait antivenin (QSMI)        
  67. Malayan pit viper antivenin (QSMI)        
  68. Mamushi Antivenom ‘Kaketsuken’¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
  69. Monovalent (Naja philippinensis) Cobra Antivenin        
  70. Monovalent Antivenin Snorkel Viper        
  71. Naja naja (atra) antivenom        
  72. Neuro-polyvalent snake antivenom (QSMI)        
  73. Polyvalent Antisnake Venom        
  74. Polyvalent Anti-Snake Venom        
  75. Polyvalent Antivenom ICP        
  76. Polyvalent Anti-viper Venom (VACSERA)        
  77. Polyvalent crotalid antivenom РCroFab         
  78. Polyvalent Snake Antivenin (Asia)        
  79. Polyvalent Snake Antivenom        
  80. Polyvalent Snake Antivenom        
  81. Polyvalent Snake Antivenom (Asia)        
  82. Polyvalent Snake Antivenom (VACSERA)         
  83. Russell’s viper antivenin (QSMI)¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
  84. SAIMR Boomslang antivenom        
  85. SAIMR Echis antivenom        
  86. SAIMR Polyvalent Snake antivenom        
  87. SAV-Naja        
  88. SAV-Tri        
  89. Snake antivenin I.P. (Asia)        
  90. Snake Venom Antiserum I.P. (Asia)        
  91. Viper antivenin        
  92. Viper venom antitoxin        
  93. Viper Venom Antitoxin        
  94. Viper venom antitoxin European        
  95. Viperfav        

Antivenom Manufactures

  1. Bharat Serums & Vaccines        
  2. Bio Farma        
  3. Biological E Limited        
  4. Biologicals Manufacturing Division (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine)        
  5. BIOMED (Wytwornia Surowic i  Szczepionek)        
  6. Centro de Biotecnologia        
  7. Centro de Producao e Pesquisas de Immunobiol        
  8. CSL Limited        
  9. Federal State Company for Immunobiological Medicines   Microgen      
  10. Fundacao Ezequiel Dias (FUNED)        
  11. Haffkine Biopharmaceutical Corporation Ltd        
  12. Immunoloski Zavod        
  13. Institut Pasteur d’Algerie¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
  14. Institut Pasteur de Tunis        
  15. Institute of Vaccines and Biological Substances (IVAC)        
  16. Institute of Virology, Vaccine and Sera TORLAK         
  17. Instituto Bioclon        
  18. Instituto Biologico Argentino   BIOL          
  19. Instituto Butantan        
  20. Instituto Clodomiro Picado        
  21. Instituto de Higiene        
  22. Instituto Nacional de Higiene (Birmex)        
  23. Instituto Nacional de Higiene y Medicina Tropical   Leopoldo Izquieta Pérez          
  24. Instituto Nacional de Laboratorios de Salud        
  25. Instituto Nacional de Produccion de Biologicos        
  26. Instituto Nacional de Salud. Centro Nacional de Productos Biológicos      
  27. Instituto Vital Brazil S.A.        
  28. Japan Snake Institute        
  29. Korea Vaccine Co. Ltd.        
  30. Laboratorio Central de Salud Publica         
  31. Laboratorios PROBIOL S.A.        
  32. Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory        
  33. National Antivenom & Vaccine Production Center (NAVPC)        
  34. National Institute of Health        
  35. National Institute of Preventive Medicine        
  36. Protherics Inc        
  37. Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute        
  38. Razi Vaccine & Serum Research Institute        
  39. Sanofi-Pasteur        
  40. Shanghai Institute Biological Technology Co., Ltd.        
  41. South African Vaccine Producers (SAVP)        
  42. The Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute (Kaketsuken)        
  43. VACSERA        
  44. VINS Bioproducts Ltd        
  45. Wyeth (owned by Pfizer)        

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