What Attracts Scorpions

Scorpions are attracted by several factors, mainly revolving around their basic needs for shelter, water, and food. Here’s what might attract scorpions to a particular area:

  1. Water: Scorpions maybe attracted to water sources.

  2. Food: Scorpions are carnivorous arachnids that feed on insects (like cockroaches and crickets), spiders, and other small animals. If there is an abundance of these creatures, it can attract scorpions.

  3. Shelter: Scorpions prefer to stay hidden and are nocturnal by nature. They are attracted to places where they can easily hide during the day. This can include under rocks, inside wood piles, under bark, or in cluttered areas.

  4. Warmth: Scorpions can be attracted to warmth. During colder seasons, they might be attracted to the warmth of a house.

  5. Dark, cool places: Areas like basements, closets, and cluttered garages provide the perfect hideout for scorpions.

  6. Landscaping: Certain types of landscaping, particularly heavy, dense ground cover, can provide a good habitat for scorpions.

To prevent attracting scorpions, it’s important to keep your home and yard clean, seal all possible entry points to your house, and regularly inspect and clean less frequented areas.

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